Friday, August 08, 2008

Is it just me

Or does it seem wrong that Colorado passed a bill last month that "in the name of providing "equality" for homosexuals and transgenders, the bill allows men to use women's restrooms---right alongside women and little girls."

Apparently this isn't just a Colorado issue. Already, similar proposals are popping up in various states.



Melissa said...

That is sick.

Hands-Free Heart said...

No way. Why do they want to anyhow?

The Gang's All Here! said...

ick. why on earth would a man want to be in a ladies' room? is it because men's rooms are usually so gross and dirty, with a total disregard for aim and precision?!

don't flame me, just remarking on my own experiences - both with three boys and a hubby and with emergency runs to whatever RR is available with a toddler or two over the years!

Richelle said...

That is gross. Just because they may not be sexually attracted to women, doesn't mean they should expose the poor women and children to them going to the bathroom. That is just not right.

Anonymous said...

I don't know enough about the bill to have a meaningful opinion about it, but I am curious about one thing--which bathroom should a transgender person use?


Melissa said...

Jeff -

They should use their own bathroom.

At home.

Ok, seriously, whatever body part they have is what bathroom they should use. The only male I want to see in the woman's bathroom is a 4-year old little boy with his mom because she is afraid to send him into the dangerous men's bathroom. There is no valid reason for a man to use the woman's bathroom no matter what he is dressed like. And, I can't even imagine the locker room issues. It's just wrong and I'm sick of people acting like it isn't!!!

2 Boys' Mom said...

That is absolutely horrifying. I'm concerned that there are many p*rverts out that are going to claim they are homosexual or transgender just so they can scope out little girls & women. They should use the stall in the men's room and leave the women's bathroom to the women!!!

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with a transgender male using the men's room and a transgender female using the women's room. I don't really see the need to have men, whether gay or bisexual, use the women's room. I'm perfectly fine with them using the men's room and lesbians the women's room. I'm not sure why there needs to be a law about that sort of thing. I can, though, understand the difficulty transgender people face. I don't care what you may thihk about transgender people, I don't wish anyone to have to go through the hell of having to go really bad but have no place they can relieve themselves. There's nothing worse than that. In those situations, I say, use bathroom, regardless of gender.