Saturday, August 16, 2008

Back to School Spending

A couple of weeks ago I posted an article that said the average American spends $600 on back to school supplies. We all thought that was outrageous, but I tracked my spending as we've collected our supplies to see what I do spend. (This symbol (*) means that we already had the item and didn't need to purchase it.)

24-pack crayons: .44
glue sticks: 1.75
3-hold punch paper, wide rule: .50
hand-held pencil sharpener: 1.00
No. 2 pencils: 1.00
2 uniform shirts: 25.00
* Archive binder
* Erasers
* Ruler
* Veritas History Cards
* Lunch box
* Backpack

TOTAL: $29.61

Brown Sugar
1" binder: 2.00
16 pack crayons: .45
glue sticks: 1.75
No. 2 pencils: .92
Red pencils: 2.99
Lunch box: 8.99
Backpack: 11.00
2 uniform shirts: 25.00
* Archive binder
* Erasers
* Ruler

TOTAL: $53.10

Grand Total that I spent on school supplies and clothes for two kids: $82.71


Melissa said...

Ummm.....well....I was doing really good on my $50 per kids until yesterday. A trip to the mall and some really cute clothes on sale sort of set us over the top a bit. But, in my defense ALL of their feet grew this summer and I couldn't send them back in flip flops(well, maybe #1). More then half our budget was gone with a pair of sneakers and and a pair of casual that could be dressy shoes if they need to be!

TCC said...

I started to write a comment and it was becoming a post in and of itself! So I decided to do just will post tomorrow.

I'll give you a sneak peak though. Technically I have only spent $27.50 + tax.

The Gang's All Here! said...

We went out to stock up the other day and I spent about $45 on all four kids.

Granted, they had a lot of stuff to re-use or pass on. Granted, our school doesn't publish lists that need to be purchased in advance. Granted, I'm a cheap, mean mom and I don't buy "back to school" clothes unless there's a legitimate need (like the blister forming on Dr. D's toes from the hole in the bottom of his play sneakers!).

But all things considered, I did "splurge" on a $4 lunch bag for Baby BE, since he was soooo grateful for Shaggy's hand-me-down backpack and didn't even twitch at using Dr. D's old lunch bag.