Thursday, July 03, 2008

A Giveaway!

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Today we went to the free movie over at the Cinema Center. We saw The Bee Movie. Very cute. The kids loved it. But as we sat there all I could think is of that it's July 1 and this is pretty much the first thing we've done off this list all summer.


I hope you're all having more success in knocking out a few of the fun things to do in this area. But in case you need a little kick in the tush, I've got a giveaway to help you take advantage of at least one idea.

Adventure Sports in Hershey is a great family fun complex where you'll find miniature golf, a go-kart track, bumper boats, batting cages and a driving range. They even have an ice cream parlor and video arcade where you can relax.

I've got four free passes for the Adventure Sports Mini-Golf course to give away!

Here's how to enter. Well, first a little backstory. Adventure Sports was a sponsor of the school golf tournament I helped organize last month. They donated these passes as prizes for golfers but we ended up not using them. After the tournament, I was suppose to make sure we got rid of these in some way because they have an expiration date on them. I originially had an idea that involved giving it to other families at our school, but that idea fell apart.

Since the overall intent was to use these passes to raise awareness about the school, I'm going to preserve that goal here.'s how you can enter to win 4 free mini-golf passes from Advenutre Sports in Hershey.

Go over to the CCA web site and find the section on "Why Latin?" under Academics. Then come back over here and list one reason why CCA feels it is beneficial to teach Latin beginning in 4th grade.

I'll close the comments at 9:00AM on the 4th of July and post the winner via the random number finder later that day.

Good Luck!


Melissa said...

Learning Latin increases SAT scores and helps to understand the English language better.

We went to Regal today for their free movie and except for people bringing in children who are WAYYYYY too young to sit through an entire movie,who kicked the back of my seat, screamed during the first half of the movie and pulled my hair a few times it was great. Thankfully, after #3 turned around and said shhhhh, the mom took her 2 very restless kids (about ages 1 and 3) and stood in the aisle until they left a few minutes later. Sometimes you gotta realize it just isn't worth it and wait until they are a bit older!

Livin' Life said...

Latin helps students understand grammar and reinforce their Knowledge of English grammar.

We, like you have not been having tons of fun this summer. We have only gone to the pool 1 then Rocker broke his arm. For some reason I feel like I am running around for no reason. We head out for SC this weekend. Hopefully, when we return a little rested we can focus on family things and not sickness, broken arms & busy stuff.