Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fast Food Movies

As much as I'm sure you'd all oblige, I'm not going to post my vacation photos here. You can visit my other site for those. Instead, I took some pictures of other things that I thought might interest you more. Here's the first one:

Saw this in can order a Big Mac and then choose your movie selection for the evening. Has anyone ever used RedBox DVD Rentals? Great idea. It always makes me wonder how long the movie rental stores can stay in business.


Hands-Free Heart said...

My mom and I were just discussing the convenience of RedBox today. However, I've never seen it in a drive thru lane.

I hope some video stores will remain, as I would like to have the ability to rent older movies without having to subscribe to a monthly-fee service such as Netflix.

Krazy Klingers said...

Mr. Clean loves Red Box and when we visit family in Maryland we see the fast food dvd rentals there.

Carey said...

That is an interesting concept...I just prefer my Netflix...much more convenient. :)