Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Calling All Philly Readers

I've been commenting back and forth with Jon from Philadelphia who really likes my list of "101 Things to Do Here, There and Everywhere." He wanted to know if I would do a list for the Philly area. After my eye stopped twitching, I wrote back and said that surely Google could lead him to several similar lists. Here was his response:

you'd be surprised... most of what you get are either sponsored links or lazy overviews that don't go much beyond the major museums. What makes your list so inspired are the small, out-of-the-way finds. Nice work.

So let's help Jon out. If you live in or near Philly or ever been to Philly and stumbled across any of the "small, out-of-the way finds" Jon's looking for, leave a comment with the details.

I'll go first...a couple years ago I posted about this great playground that we visited in Fairmount Park. Here's the link with all the information: Travel Tips: Kids in Philadelphia


Classic MaMa said...

Ok. I'm not a Philly reader, but I do have a tip that was cool for our family before we had Bubba. It's a big museum, but it's pretty cool. On SUndays the Philly Art Museum (insert Rocky Theme here) is free. It was a neat way of introducing Scarlett to art slowly. Becuase it was free, I didn't feel like we needed to get our money's worth and stay all day. We hung out in the Impressionsist's wing for an hour or so. At six, she could tell you the difference between a Degas and Renoir. :)

The Gang's All Here! said...

Well, this I know! :)

We have the Elmwood Park Zoo, out of the city and perfect for families of pre-schoolers. Good variety, good price and not too overwhelming or "all day-ish."

We love the Philly Zoo - and with a season pass, it's been great fun to bring friends along with us, often for free! Certainly not "small and out of the way," but worth the trip!

The Academy of Nat'l Sciences is a boys' delight - creepy crawlies, bones, bugs, dinos, etc. Even my girl liked the slimy stuff.

Up closer to Allentown is the DaVinci Museum - well worth the money and the drive. LOTS of hands on stuff for all ages. We've heard fabulous things about Sesame Place and the Crayola Factory, but will have to wait till we have our little one from China to talk the older kids into those :)

Local to us, we love Freddy Hill Farm for a nite of ice cream, batting cages, mini golf, or peeking in on farm life. Merry Meade Farm also has great ice cream, a great little nursery and gift shop and some animals.

A friend from West Chester loves Everhart Park and Marshall Park.

Of course, there's Valley Forge and Center City with all its historical importance. We're trying to get to VF soon, and have done the sites in the city often. Lots free to check out there!