Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Boom Boom

All day Junior talked about seeing the boom booms and pops. He was talking about the fireworks we were going to see last night. With great expression he'd demonstrate the sights and sounds he's actually never seen before.

So it was a little surprising that at the sight and sound of the first firework last night, Junior dove under the blanket he was sitting on and never re-emerged for the entire show. We tried pulling him out and pointing at the beautiful colors but he buried his head in my shoulder and refused to take a look.

I remember the first time we took each of the girls to see their first fireworks displays. Sparkle tried to jump inside Jim's skin she was so scared. It's one of those ideas that looks great on paper but doesn't play out the same way.

Maybe next year...

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Classic MaMa said...

:) We could see them from our house.