Thursday, July 31, 2008

#26 Millersburg Ferry

After spending the morning at Lake Tobias, we headed up the river about 20 minutes to Millersburg, home to the last known all wooden double stern-wheel paddleboat in the country.

There is no official schedule for the ferry; it just runs whenever there are customers. When we arrived the ferry was on the other shore. How would it know we were waiting for it?

We shut the door, as directed, and waited about 20 minutes for the red ferry to cross the mile wide Susquehanna River.

The ferry connects Millersburg in Dauphin County with an adjacent landing in Perry County along Routes 11 & 15.

The Landing Sites are included in the PA State Historic Marker Program.

There are two ferrys, but only one in operation right now. It's called the Roaring Bull 5 and was built in 1998. It's flat is 83 feet long while the power unit is 50 feet long.

Excuse me for a minute. It's time for us to pull our car onto the ferry.

This ferry can carry up to 4 vehicles or 20 plus motorcycles. A max of 52 passengers may travel on it.

Safe and sound on the other shore 20 minutes later! The Millersburg Ferry is a fun and inexpensive journey back in time and one that our family really enjoyed.

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hoosier reborn said...

Wow......this looks like a ton of fun! At any point did you think you would sink on the last wooden fairy?

I start my early retirement tomorrow-how does Jim like his?

I'll check out the Batterson blog-thanks.