Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Lands' End

You may remember that I had a dilly of a time finding a bathing suit last summer for Sparkle because she is long-waisted. We ended up with a great Lands' End tankini that fit like a glove, however, by the end of the summer the suit was falling apart.

I expected better quality for my money and called the Lands' End customer service where they, without question or complaint, sent me a new suit. We've been wearing the new suit for about 3 weeks and would you believe there are already several holes developing and some of the seam stitching is already coming out.

So I called Lands' End again and they, without question or complaint, agreed to send me another new bathing suit. However, I expressed my displeasure to the lady about this being the second suit that has fallen apart. Lands' End is known for their quality so it seems so weird that I'd have this many problems.

The customer service lady informed me that because of the way lycra and spandex break down most swimming suits only last three months.

Are you serious?

I've got bathing suits in my drawer that are 5 years old that have been worn year after year and have never shown any wear and tear. I even have cheap suits from Wal-Mart that have performed better than the Lands' End suits.

They really have me over a barrell because after trying on no fewer than 3,046 bathing suits for Sparkle, these were the only ones that fit properly and with any amount of modesty. I've never had a problem with any of their other clothing items, in fact, the girls' uniform pieces come from Lands' End and they've been able to last through two kids.

What is it with the swimming suits? Anyone else have a similar tale?


Six in the Mix said...

I've had my Land's End suit for 5 years and just commented to my husband that it looks like it's time to get a new one. Maybe the kids line just isn't up to par. It surprises me.

The Gang's All Here! said...

We had the same issue with a suit for LadyBug from Kohl's and with no receipt and no argument they returned my $ to me - at the end of July. Sale prices were so low I got two new ones, Speedos, for her for the price of the one (that I had originally gotten on sale but got back full price for!). And they are still in great shape now. I wonder if they are from a different mfg. with the LE label on them?

Hands-Free Heart said...

When I took a water exercise class, I asked the instructor about swimsuits, because I noticed mine wearing out fast. She said the same thing that LE said to you... but it's because of the chlorine, not just general wear. So my guess is, the adult suits probably are completely immersed in chlorine water about the same time in 5 years as a child's suit is in 3 months, and children tend to climb in and out of the pool without using the ladder, thereby scraping their suit on concrete.

It also could be the whole how it's made and who is the real manufacturer thing, but I thought I would add that stuff in. My suits as an adult usually last for several years, but during the one fall/winter/spring when I swam 2-3x a week for exercise, my suits wore out much quicker. None of them were from LE, but one was a Speedo, although it was already pretty old at that point.