Friday, June 06, 2008


I need to buy a few graduation gifts for some high school grads. Does anyone have any gift ideas?


Somma said...

Well.. depending on how close you are to them, here are some thoughts.

1) Cash
2) Gift gard - ITunes, or for a girl Bath & Body Works (they are having their huge semi-annual sale now)
3) Devotional Bible
4) Frame from Things Remembered with their name or initials engraved
5) If they are going off to college, a nice travel bag.

Hope that helps!

Emily said...

It might be too late now, but I thought I'd suggest a few.

1. Gift cards - Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target, Michaels if they're crafty art majors, Starbucks. Gift cards are perfectly acceptable for grads. You get so many knick knacks that you end up dumping them all in boxes and forgetting about them. Gift cards = wonderful.

2. Hot Pot or Hot Shot if they're off to college. No one survives without some sort of water heating device. I used both of mine daily.