Saturday, June 21, 2008

GIANT Gas Rewards

Another reason I love grocery shopping at Giant is because of the gas discounts you can earn just for buying groceries. The most I've ever gotten off a gallon of gas was $.50. I was over the moon and actually thought they capped the discounts at $.50. Usually I get around $.40 per gallon off.

Well last night I was talking to my neighbor and she mentioned that she had told her college-aged son to take her bonus card and go fill up his car so he could get the $1.30 off per gallon.

Now here is where I tuned off the conversation and started to think in my head about what she had just said. $1.30? You can get $1.30 off? Really?

Noticing the smoke coming out of my head as I tried to determine if that was even possible, she said, "That just tells you how many groceries I buy."

OH MY WORD! I guess it helps to have two boys and a girl who are all in high school and college.

She said the least she's ever earned was $.90 per gallon and the most was $1.50. She usually is somewhere around $1.30.

What's the most you've ever earned from your Giant gas rewards?


Hands-Free Heart said...

Yikes! I think the most I've earned is 40 cents. Usually it's 20 or 30.

Thrills said...

I earned $.40 this past time because of the specials of where you buy 8 certain products and receive $.20 towards gas. Usually I only earn $.20 or $.30.

We heard the gas attendant telling someone that "last night a guy used his bonus card and had earned $4 in gas rewards". So this guy got his gas for free! That's a lot of groceries!!!

TCC said...

The most I've earned is $.50. That's it...and it was because of the specials. I'm usually around $.20 or $.30 tops. Now, that's also because I don't buy all my groceries at Giant. I'm definitely a bulk shopper and deal finder. Regardless, I don't even have the budget (even for 2 months worth) to give me $1.00 off of gas.

Classic MaMa said...

Woah! I've only ever earned 50 cents. (That's back when we bought diapers there) Now, we usually average around 20 or 30. I can't even imagine buying enough groceries to get over a dollar!

Kathleen Ellis said...

We've gotten up to 1.20 off...and it's just the two of us...what does that mean?????

Matt said...

I think they may have extended the amount of time you accumulate becuase I am up to $1 with our program ending 8/9 ... and I have never been that high. Even taking into account higher grocery prices that is a lot for me.