Friday, May 02, 2008

The Week in Review

It's been a long week: stinky and exciting all rolled up in one. So here are my thoughts, random facts and ramblings:
  • *Bob Kob is friends with Dennis Buterbaugh. Why doesn't that surprise me?

  • *Patty Kob wants a cool blog name. She suggested Brown Sugar but since that is already taken she picked Refined Sugar. Get it? Refined sugar. Any other suggestions?

  • *I miss working in public relations.

  • *The kids only have 3 more weeks of school.

  • *Jim quit his job this week. That's a good thing.

  • *He doesn't have a new job to go to. That's a bad thing.

  • *Oh no! The kids only have 3 more weeks of school.

  • *Brown Sugar's birthday is today. It's the big S-I-X.

  • *My house is is almost back together after several weeks of moving just about every piece of furniture we own to a new room.

  • *Miley Cyrus lost my trust this week.

  • *The school's golf tournament is on the 12th. I'm a little nervous about it this year.

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1 comment:

the back door said...

so jim quit his job? wow...kurt is wanting to quit his too. i'm scared out of my pants b/c what will he do?????????

i wait everyday to hear those words when he walks in the door...