Friday, May 16, 2008

Baby Planners are the New Thing

On ABC's Nightline last night, they highlighted the new trend of women hiring baby planners to help them prepare for the birth of their baby.

Baby planners can do everything from putting together your nursery to researching which car seat or high chair you should purchase to interviewing potential nannies or day care centers.

"It's extremely overwhelming," said Jennifer Rein who works 50 hours a week as a hospital administrator in Manhattan and has a supportive husband, but just doesn't believe she has enough time to get adequately prepared for her babies' arrival.

"I just had no idea what to expect, there are so many different marketing messages out there about all of these products that you need, and the way to do things. And, at this point, you don't know what to believe."

So Rein hired a company called inBloom Baby Planners to help set up her baby registry and nursery, arrange private CPR classes for Rein and her husband, do product research to make sure her babies' new toys are safe from things like lead. And, last but not least, the company will help Rein find the right baby nurse and nanny.

I guess this was inevitable since we have wedding planners, event planners and the like. Would you have found a baby planner helpful? What if you worked 50-60 hours a week?


Classic MaMa said...

Call me crazy, but part of the fun of having a baby is picking out all the cool stuff. I mean, you have to have something to do while you're as big as a house. :)

Melissa said...

The real question is are they still going to work 50-60 hours per week after the baby is born?

And, I agree with CM...registering and reading about all the cool stuff is what makes the time pass quicker! I worked about 50 hours a week when I was pregnant with the first one (which I then quit after she was born) and "baby stuff" comparison shopping was a fun way to spend my down time! It was during this time I was first introduced to think I would've missed that if someone else did it for me!

The Gang's All Here! said...

I must admit: I am slightly horrified by the idea of a baby planner. Yes, the baby shopping and preparations were great fun and exciting but I somehow feel that they are also vital to the mental and emotional preparations one must go through in the journey to becoming a mother. Am I missing something, or does it seem as if some of the infamous nesting and outward nurturing is being done by someone else?! I find the whole thing sad. I know, I'm probably about to be flamed for that!!!!

Six in the Mix said...

How can those people stay in business? Are there really that many women out there who don't want to do all the baby prep? Maybe it's a status thing? a fad?

Anonymous said...

I think any resource for mothers that offers guidance and support and information is a good idea. We no longer live in a time where mom can stay home FT with baby. I don't think this company is trying to take a way the fun part of becoming a mother, just helping to do a little of the legwork that may be time consuming. Searching for the right nanny or baby nurse is not something a working mom always has time to do as throughly as they wish, yet if someone else can do some research and conduct interviews and come up with some top candidates for parents. Kudos to them. We don't all live down the street from our mothers and non working sisters. Is there something I am missing here. Don't all moms need a little extra help occasionally. What is the harm?

Natalie said...

Anon, I agree that there is nothing wrong with a little help managing the details of welcoming baby. It can get overwhelming...especially if you are working 40+ hours a week.

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