Saturday, May 31, 2008

Any Suggestions?

I think our digital camera has officially bit the dust. I took it to a service place yesterday and they said it would cost about $100 to fix it. They recommended just getting a new one.

So, we might be in the market for a new camera. Do you have a digital camera that you'd recommend?


dgmommie said...

LOVE my camera that I got recently from Target sells the same one for $250 - I got mine at for $185, free shipping. It's a Kodak z712, has a 12x zoom, LOTS of settings you can use if you want, and a smart scene choice in case you don't want to mess with the various settings (so it chooses the best setting for you automatically).

You have to watch the price on - it fluctuates often. This is the camera I have:

There is also a Kodak z812

Six in the Mix said...

Had a Kodak Easy Share and liked the pictures, but it ate batteries--VERY frustrating. When I got my new camera I opted for something tiny and with a good battery life. I found the Sony Cyber-shot, 8.1 Mega Pixels with Carl Zeiss lens. I can stick it in my pocket and I always carry it in my purse. So handy. It takes great shots and has a substantial digital viewing window and a look-through window as well. The options wheel is also a cool feature--shows up on the screen--makes it very easy.

I know that my parents love their little tiny Cannon too. The compact digital Nikon, however, was not steady--fuzzy pictures if not on a tripod--big disappointment and took it back.

When I was hunting for the right camera I read lots of online reviews. I found them really helpful.
Good luck.