Wednesday, April 02, 2008

This Week...on American Idol

I'm back with another review of American Idol this week. For those of you just joining us, it will help you to know that I have not one ounce of musical ability, therefore, my reviews are usually not about the music and who was pitchy and who was 'dope'. I'm more about the social observations. And what annoys me. So on with the review...

Idol who needs to stop bantering with the judges: Brooke, please stop commenting to the judges about their hair and clothes. This is your time to listen and learn. Not speak and kiss up. Zip it!

Judge who is helping me rid the show of all bare and tattooed arms: Simon, thanks for telling Carly that she needs to step up her fashion. You didn't mention that it should include shirts that have sleeves, but I know that's what you meant. I felt like two faces were looking at me this week---and that's a little freaky.

Idol that annoys me a little: David Archuleta. No reason, I just don't think he's brilliant.

Idol that I didn't like in the beginning but then I started to take notice and now I love: David Cook. Can he do no wrong?

Idol with the strangest outfit choice for the third week running: Ramiele. I think that look was popular in 1987. In fact, I think Paula wore it in her "Straight Up" video.

Idol that looked like he was wearing as ascot: Michael Johns. I'm not joking...check the tape.

Idol who utilized an instrument the best: Syesha for sitting on the piano.

Idol that was wearing the drapes from my great-aunt's apartment: Kristy Lee Cook

Idol who always looks like a deer in headlights as he's getting critiqued by the judges: Jason Castro. But I actually liked you this week Jason, Simon didn't, but I did.

Well, that wasn't an overly exciting review this week but I really wasn't feeling the whole Dolly Parton vibe. Nothing against Dolly, but she was a hard one to translate to the big Idol stage.

Idol who will join Amanda and Chikezie and David on their big comfy couch at home: Ramiele

For many more reviews by people who know about music and what it should sound like, visit BooMama for the weekly Idol round-up.


Linda said...

I actually loved this re-cap because you didn't do contestant by contestant, which is what most of us do. Very refreshing. And I totally agree on the Brooke thing and Jason looking scared!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Idol who will take it all: David Cook. You heard it here. Enough said.