Tuesday, April 08, 2008

My 5 Most Fascinating People

oH mY woRD tagged me for the '7 things we don't know about you' meme. I've done similar memes before so I was trying to think of some really unique facts about myself, and then I read this by Livin' Life, and I realized there's just no competing with a Ninja. Because that's what Livin' Life is, a freakin' Ninja.

I have helped over 100 lambs come into this world. I have actually pulled lambs and calves out during births. I almost broke my arm pulling out a calf as my arm became pinched between the cows hip bones and the calf. She began to push and my arm was sandwiched in between. That hurt. Sheep were easier you just shoved the lambs back in flipped them around and pulled them out.

Hmmmmm. See my dilemma? Ninja.

So I'm going with plan B (you always need a plan B) and will introduce you to the '5 most fascinating people I know' because obviously my 'I'm a nightowl' or 'I don't like cooked carrots' just can't compete with a woman who has attended several weddings...on horseback.

1. Livin' Life: Read here, here and here and see what a real life Ninja looks like.

2. Rich Lewis: Not to be confused with Richie Lewis or Richard Lewis, but this is Rich Lewis, my former co-worker at Special Olympics. I listened to him for five years tell me story after story about his careers as a real estate agent, antique dealer, dog breeder, produce delivery man, camp director, and many, many more. He has great, great stories about the darnedest things. Plus he sews...self-taught...teddy bears and quilts, most of which he raffles away for charity.

3. Stacey Davidson: I've never met a more driven, passionate, and just plain crazy woman. Stacey is also a Ninja but in a different way; she's an entrepreneurial Ninja. Stacey is one of those people who gets an idea and by the end of the week she has opened an upscale restaurant or a bridal boutique or she's flipping houses or recording a record or selling artwork or working as an interior decorator---and most of the time she's doing all of them at the same time. And if all that isn't enough, she's crazy fun. Plus she designed the perfect purse. Just because the world needed one.

4. Pioneer Woman: Now I don't really know Ree, but I don't know anyone else who could post 7 days a week about cows and horses and poop and make it fascinating. I also love her great stories about kissing James Garner in an elevator, throwing her Sassoon undies into a casket and her vast knowledge about making everything from barbecue to sushi. Plus, she's a self-taught photo shop expert and a phenomenal amateur photographer. I am never, ever bored by what she has to say.

5. Marnie: Marnie is my SIL and she's one of those people who throws herself into whatever she's doing 100 percent. By day, she is an attorney and in her free time she runs (use to run marathons), self-taught knitter, reads voraciously and cooks delectable things with ingredients I can't spell or pronounce. She loves and is quite knowledgeable about jewelry, exotic travel, fashion, antiques, wine and the best restaurants in Philly. She has always been someone I would love to see blog, and now that she's home for a few months on maternity leave, maybe that will happen.

Who do you know that is fascinating?

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