Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bi-Yearly Chores

These are chores that should be tackled every 6 to 12 months according to Real Simple magazine's article, The Elements of Clean:

  • *Clean oven

  • *Wash and clean lamp shades

  • *Wash fabric shades

  • *Sponge-clean upholstery

  • *Empty and clean cabinets

  • *Wash or dry clean slipcovers

  • *Scrub tile grout

  • *Launder or dry-clean pillows

  • *Vacuum or dust condenser coil on refrigerator

  • *Launder or dry-clean comforter

  • *Wash and dry stove hood filter

I probably clean my oven more than twice a year but I don't clean my pillows or the coil on my refrigerator. How about you?


Livin' Life said...

Wow these clean lists are harsh. Most of this stuff I did when we moved but haven't since. I kind of thought they were once in a life time chores.

Please don't come over to my house and look, you might find something scary under my fridge or lamp shades.:)

Anonymous said...

You need to stop reading this stuff. Seriously. Life is to short to spend your time cleaning!
At least, that's what I tell myself!

The Gang's All Here! said...

Okay, I always always always thought I was a pretty good housekeeper/home-maker. But these lists are freaking me out. I don't do half of these things on any sort of regular schedule - does this mean that under the clutter-free surface my house is really a pigs' sty? Am I a slacker mom in an organized and picked up disguise? :)