Wednesday, April 16, 2008

American Idol - Mariah Carey Night

I overdosed on American Idol last week so I wasn't going to post any recap this week, but I just watched the show and I couldn't resist a few observations:

  • *I was thrilled to see that the $26.25 I gave to Idol Gives Back last week was used to buy a beautiful sleeved outfit for Carly.
  • *Finally a week that I really enjoyed David A.
  • *I'm glad all the idols are benefiting from the wisdom I provide each week. I took notice that there was very little talking back this week. Stick with me kids and I'll take you to the top.
  • *Going home: Brooke or dare I say Kristy Lee (it doesn't hurt to hope)


Christy said...

I have a great fear that we will say goodbye to Brooke. I love the sound of her voice's just not enough. It WAS good to see sleeves on Carly, finally.

Thrills said...

Brooke was my first favorite, but now I am ready to see her go.