Monday, March 03, 2008

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Busy

I feel like I haven't been around this site much lately and thought you might beginning to feel a little neglected, so I thought I'd offer a peace offering. I know there are several of you out there who have expressed an interest/dream in getting a tattoo. So when I saw this post I thought of y'all. Especially Living Life.

Just so you know, Ragamuffin Soul is a pastor at Buckhead Church in Atlanta. I think I linked to him before when he was featured on the show L.A. Ink. Anyway, he is one of my favorite bloggers and, if you have the time, take a little spin through his archive...especially the Uganda trip he was just on and when he adopted his Korean son.


Livin' Life said...

Now I was just about to lay down the whole tattoo thing and you post this. Some many cool tattoo it just gets my creative juices flowing again. I like the blog site though.

The Gang's All Here! said...

I love peeking in on this guy's site. Their adoption story was so moving. I'm likin' the idea of Korea - mmmmm, maybe have to check out some agencies that do Korea. Don't tell The Boss, he's still wondering how we'll finish paying for this one ;) BUT GOD! that's what I tell him . . .