Friday, March 07, 2008

Cheapest Person I Know

I saw this on AOL Business and laughed my way through the entire list. It reminded me of camping with my Mama Jo. She would wash the paper plates after each meal and then hang them up on the clothes line to dry so we could use them at the next meal. Oddly enough, I had issues with that.

Here are a few of my favorites from the AOL list:

My hubby and I were at the store the night before Valentine's Day picking up kids' treats. We were in the card lane and he handed me a sweet mushy card and said, "Here, read this so I can put it back. It's $2.79." I looked at him and just started laughing!

My friend was so tight that she and her husband refused to get an electric garage door opener as that was a waste of electricity. Her hubby would manually pull up the garage door, then sit in his car and put it in neutral while his wife would PUSH the car out of the garage, and she would jump in BEFORE he started the car! It was a waste of gas to let the car idle!

One of my co-workers always arrived earlier to work than everyone else. I came in early one day to get ahead on some work and there he was at his desk, eating several people's leftovers from the fridge. I found out that he did this every day and no one knew who the lunch bandit was. We all thought it was the cleaning crew. After that, I made sure to leave leftovers ... but then I added Ex-Lax before putting it away in the fridge. It only took him two weeks before he stopped raiding our fridge.

I've got a golfing buddy that is so cheap (and, he's a millionaire) that he saves his dental floss and re-uses it! In his defense, he points out that you pull about 18 inches out, but only use about 6 inches. He puts the floss on a nail in his garage, saves it, to be used again once it's dried out.

Imagine my "surprise" when, after we all finished the salad at my grandmother's house, she scooped the remaining dressing from the bottoms of the bowls BACK into the bottle for use later.

Go here to read 16 more Cheapest Person I know Stories. They're priceless. Do you have any of your own to share?

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The Gang's All Here! said...

I'm fairly frugal. I wash and re-use all my plastic bags. The Boss hates the sight of all the bags hanging around drying. I also save plastic containers (like the sour cream and frosting ones) to dispose of spoiled foods or grease or fat skimmed from home-made broth, etc.

But now I'm also queasy and have lost my appetite. The floss one put me over the edge. Ick. That's just wrong.