Thursday, February 07, 2008

Wanted: A Cheap Doodle

After writing this out, I'm not sure this story is going to be found funny by anyone but myself. But I was definitely amused as I had this conversation in the car with Brown Sugar and Chicken Nugget (CN) today:

Chicken Nugget: (pointing out the window) Look, there's our neighbor's dog. We are going to get a dog this summer.

Me: You are? What kind?

CN: A Golden Doodle.

Me: You mean Poodle?

CN: No, a Doodle.

Me: (I seriously had no idea there is really a dog named a Doodle) What do Doodle's look like?

CN: They have short hair, but it's sort of long. But really it's short. And curly. But not really curly.

Me: Well, I'm not sure I've ever seen a Doodle. Is it a big or little dog?
CN: Well, when it's a baby it's small. But when it's grown up it's bigger.

ME: Hmmm, I'm still not picturing what a Doodle looks like.

CN: It's not a Doodle. It's a Golden Doodle. Do you know how much Golden Doodle's cost?

ME: No.

CN: $1,000!!!!!

Me: Wow, that is expensive! Are you going to save up your money to get one?

CN: (laughing) No, I don't have any money. My daddy's going to get it. But he's looking on the Internet for a cheap Doodle.


Promises Fulfilled said...

I had to look this up on the internet to see what one looked like - and then I realized how they got their name - makes sense, sort of...I do not understand the "D" in the doodle, but it is funny!

Say Anything said...

That's my girl! She knows what she's talking about. Unfortunately, my husband said one day, "maybe this summer we'll get a dog" and Chicken Nugget (who is desperate to love ANY kind of animal) has taken it to heart. Now that we know a "goldendoodle" is so expensive, I think we'll suggest a hamster.

A golden doodle is actual a cross breed of a golden retriever and a poodle. So, they are large and fluffy but they don't shed! Really, dear, where have you been???

The Gang's All Here! said...

VERY FUNNY! But now that you know what a Doodle is, doesn't her description totally make sense?! We have friends who just got one and she is adorable - just adorable!

Classic MaMa said...

If they find a cheap doodle or a cocapoo or a maltipoo, let me know.