Monday, February 11, 2008


How long can it possibly take to fix spell check? I've been looking on Blogger's message boards and they just keep saying they're working on it and it's a priority. Hello? It's been like 2 weeks or 1's not like the whole server went down. Just this one little feature.

I'm going on a mommy vacation this weekend. I could tell you where but then I'm pretty sure oH mY woRD would stalk me with her killer dog. I don't need that type of stress while I'm there.

My brother and his wife are having a baby today. They've been up all night and he's already saying that he's VERY, VERY tired. Welcome to the next 18 years of your life!

Brown Sugar is having a playdate today with a lovely girl from her class. When they walked in the friend said, "Do you know where the bathrooms are?" Hmmm, well, I think I do since this is MY house.

I went to Wear Like New's Super Bowl sale last Sunday. I bought these great Anne Klein grey dress pants for $4. They fit perfectly.

In case you are reading this from the Cayman Islands, it is freezing here. In case you're reading from Minnesota, it's sunny and mild.

Do you know this time last year I was in Colorado skiing? Have I ever told you I'm never going to Colorado again with three small children?


Classic MaMa said...

Eye relly, realy, reelly, mis spel cheque...

2 Boys' Mom said...

Have fun on your vacation sans kids!!