Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Give More

According to The Advent Conspiracy, giving more is not about increasing the number of gifts you give but...

in saying “no” to over-spending we are then invited to say “yes” to give in relational ways. We do this because we worship a God who gave us a relational gift. God gave us His son. This is an incredible opportunity to reclaim the heart of what matters most as we learn together to give gifts of meaning instead of simple material gifts.

Relational gifts allow us to pour more of ourselves back into the people who matter most to us. We are affirming the importance of these people in our lives and showing them how much they matter to us and God.

Still not sure how to create memorable relational gifts this holiday? Well, the Advent Conspiracy has listed a large number of ideas that will spark your imagination.

What other ideas do you have for relational gifts?

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The Gang's All Here! said...

The adult siblings in my family are giving my folks a "weekend of service" gift this year. With Dad's health problems and Mom's schedule, it blesses us to go and clean the attic, empty the garage and carport for demolition, paint trim and ceilings, etc. The added benefit is working together as a family to give to someone who has given up "all" for us - and Mom's cooking :)