Friday, October 19, 2007

Where Sunset Meets Cinnamon

All summer we've been looking at options for a new patio/porch. We finally decided to put in a stamped concrete patio and signed a contract with a company in August. They said it would be the end of October before they could get to us. Fine. No problem.

So, on the Thursday morning of the Book Fair week, which by the way was October 4, I get a phone call at 7:15AM. It's the stamped concrete people saying they've had a schedule change and they'd like to come right now and get started. To which I reply,

"ARE YOU CRAZY? This is the busiest week of my life. We don't have a permit yet, we just barely picked the colors and I may need to change my mind at least 32 more times and did I mention this is the busiest week of my life??!!! And, I haven't had time to take the "before" pictures for my blog because I had so planned on blogging about this and what good is a big blogging event like this without pictures. Plus no one will be here because I'm walking out the door right now."

To which she replied,

"That's okay, no one has to be there."

A quick call to Jim and he races home to manage the problem. Long story short. We have a patio and here's the pictures:

Now we just need to install some electricity, a pergola and landscape.

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