Monday, September 24, 2007


by Guest Blogger, Stephanie S.

Part 3

Like I was saying...God showed me that a second source of judgment is pride. For me, this is when I feel really good about what I am doing.

I would say this came up when I left my career to raise my kids from home. Everything about that experience was great. Our family worked as a well oiled machine, able to take care of problems as they arose. We sowed a lot into our kids and even at such a young age saw harvest in it. It worked so well for us that I didn't see why everyone wouldn't do it. I just figured that if they weren't at home with their kids then they must not trust God enough or were too selfish. EEEWWW.

Unlike insecurity where I could ask God what the root was, pride was harder to self-diagnose because I didn't easily see that I was wrong. God had to come to me with this one and show me that He created all of us differently and that our "well oiled machine" of a household was only working that way because He designed OUR family to run that way, but not necessarily every family.

So I am guilty of bringing so many other women down by my judgment. Satan's role in all of this may be to make sure that my judgment occurs when those that I have judged are in desperate need of encouragement. My insecurities and pride have opened a door to be used by the enemy to attempt to take out other women. That makes me angry! How could I be so lax? Not that it makes it better, but I'm not alone.

Women are doing this all of the time to each other. Satan is gaining so much ground without lifting a finger. We need to take it back.

Just as the environmentalists are saying, "if everyone just made a little change it would make a huge impact," so too with judgment. Ladies, we all need to go to God, find out what He thinks about us, find out what He wants from us, and trust Him to do the same with every other woman while understanding that it may look very different from the way God handles it with us.

If we have a disagreement with a woman we need to point them back to God and encourage them to find peace in Him even if understanding is not reached. If we all start with little changes of heart it will make a huge impact in the kingdom! Ladies, there must be something big in the unity of women because there is so much that is coming against it. Let's do our part and encourage and strengthen one another. What an amazing weapon that would be against the enemy!

Thanks Stephanie for sharing some powerful and timely insights with this series!


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The Gang's All Here! said...

Thanks for this series, I'll be sharing it with some friends as we've been talking about a similar issue for a while now! Very well written and very well said!

Six in the Mix said...

You are so good at articulating what the Lord has been dealing with me about lately.

Thank you for sharing what God has revealed to you. I believe that God is moving women toward love and unity in a fresh way. I hope that it's not just women, but we need it so badly. What a sign and wonder it would be to the world around us . . . "How good and pleasant it is when we dwell together in unity."