Thursday, July 26, 2007

Summer Reads 4

The Chosen
Chaim Potok

It is the now-classic story of two fathers and two sons and the pressures on all of them to pursue the religion they share in the way that is best suited to each. As the boys grow into young men, they discover in the other a lost spiritual brother, and a link to an unexplored world that neither had ever considered before. In effect, they exchange places, and find the peace that neither will ever retreat from again

How to be a God Chaser and a Kid Chaser
Thetus Tenney and Tommy Tenney

This book is a guide for parents and how they can continue in their pursuit of God while raising their children and instilling in them that same passion. This book has chapters by such best-selling authors as James Dobson, Tommy Tenney, Joy Dawson, Beth Alves, Ceci Sheets, Stacy Campbell, Dick Eastman, and Jane Hansen.

Savannah from Savannah
Denise Hildreth

When 24 year old Savannah learns her mother-a cross between Scarlett O'Hara and Martha Stewart-is behind her recent triumph in a fiction contest, she abandons her dreams of literary fame and decides to pursue journalism instead. Her first assignment for the local paper? Investigating a rigged beauty pageant. Funny, funny read.

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