Wednesday, April 25, 2007


There's only a few more hours left in Wednesday, but I thought I'd still try to get in a Works-for-me-Wednesday tip.

When I'm short on time or at a loss for what to fix for dinner, I like to have breakfast for dinner. Yep, we pull out the eggs and bacon or pancake mix and make a hearty breakfast...for dinner. The kids love it!

Now if you're looking for a great way to pack your pancakes with a punch, let me suggest adding a few special ingredients. My husband can't eat a lot of bad carbs so we put the following right into the pancake mix to make it a lot healthier for all of us---and the kids can't taste the difference:

Protein powder
Grounded flax seed
and for a special twist...Cinnamon!

He also mixes blackstrap molasses with a little bit of regular syrup to make "Daddy's Special Syrup." The girls actually prefer it to regular syrup now. And me? Well, I prefer putting peanut butter on my pancakes.

For nearly 150 more great ideas, please visit Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer.


Tracy W said...

We've found that adding dry oats to the pancake batter really makes them light and fluffy, and certainly adds the fiber boost that many pancake mixes lack. We also add all kinds of frozen fruits, applesauce, almonds, pecans, and for fun: mini chocolate chips.

CampHillGirl said...

We just had waffles and bacon last night for dinner!! Yum. And French toast is good, too, and maybe healthier with the added milk and eggs.