Monday, April 30, 2007


My daughter had a tick this weekend. I didn't do a good job removing it and the little varmint ended up burrowing in her head. Now isn't that a pleasant thought. A quick trip to the ER and a very kind doctor extracted the nasty critter.

I asked four different hospital people what is the best way to remove a trick. All four gave me a different answer. So, I'd love to hear from the people on the front lines! What's your best method for removing ticks?


2 Boys' Mom said...

Put rubbing alcohol on a cotton swab and put it on the tick. The tick will detach because it needs air then you nab the sucker!! You do have to be quick about the nabbing after you remove the rubbing alcohol swab but they will detach to breathe.

Our pediatrician removed a tick from my son this way and I have used this method successfully myself.

Plain and Simple said...

We always use a tweezers. I absolutley HATE ticks!!!!