Friday, April 20, 2007

Idea #6 for Not Becoming a Needy Nitwit: Rely on God

This is the sixth and final post in a series I've been doing in response to the new book The Feminine Mistake. To better understand the purpose of this post, read here first.

My last point is where Ms. Bennetts and I differ the most. She is putting the responsibility for her future and provision squarely on her own shoulders. If she can't provide for herself in her own power, she's doomed. And therefore, it would be a feminine mistake to not go as high and as fast she can professionally for self preservation later.

However, in my life, I don't hold my future in my own hands. God does. He is the one who provides, who supplies, who sustains. He's already proven that He doesn't need my help to do it. He just needs my obedience.

Now relying on God doesn't mean I just sit here singing kumbya and acting like a clueless nitwit. For me, obedience is doing the smart things I outlined in my previous posts. It's being responsible with my current finances and resources. It's keeping up with the skills and talents God has entrusted to me.

In the event of a tragedy that leaves me as the sole bread winner, I trust God to provide for all our needs, especially financially. Would we live at the same level of comfort that we do now? Maybe not. But I know that we can rely on God to see us through any situation. All He asks is that I do my part now so I will be in a position to step into that provision.


Tracy W said...

This is my favorite of all your points - I love knowing that I am NOTHING without HIM. It humbles me, keeps my eyes where they should be, and relieves the burden of responsibility for "getting it all right" from my shoulders. In the greatest paradox of all time, "all" I have to do is turn all of me over to Him and trust all I have and all I am to His leading. Except that that "all" is the hardest thing - and what keeps me coming back to His feet, begging for His mercy and wisdom. Right where He wants me!

CampHillGirl said...

These have all been great ideas, but the best solace is knowing that we can trust God to take care of us. God does expect us to act sensibly, but no one can foresee or prevent every possible circumstance, financially, emotionally, or otherwise. How beautiful to know the One who can handle everything.

Katie said...

I have chosen you for the Thinking Blogger Award, come see!!