Wednesday, April 11, 2007

I Must Make Motherhood Look So Appealing

(Out of the blue at dinner)

Brown Sugar: I don't want to have kids.

Me: You don't want to have kids! Why not?

Brown Sugar: (shrugs her shoulders) I just don't want to have kids.

Sparkle: Yeah, I don't want kids either.

Me: You too! Why not?

Sparkle: I want to be a roommate like Naomi (a babysitter they really like. She graduated from college last year) so I can live with Allison (Sparkle's friend).

Me: A roommate, huh?

Sparkle: Yeah, a roommate.

Brown Sugar: I don't want to be a roommate. I just don't want kids.

1 comment:

weavermom said...

I love the roommate line - that's hilarious!

Mine says "Is it hard to be a mom? It looks like a lot of work."
hmmm - to be 5 and insightful. :)