Monday, March 05, 2007

The Heart of Hospitality

Often, the word hospitality conjurs up images of starched and pressed cloth napkins, sparkling crystal and 5-course meals. Many moms dream of the day when they can host a dinner party on all that wedding china that is packed away or for when they will have a bigger home that is more conducive to entertaining. But if we wait for those days when our children won't spill their milk at the table or for the bigger house or better silverware, we will never entertain anyone.

Hospitality is not about the state of our homes but the state of our hearts. It's not about impressing our neighbor but about reaching out to them with what God has blessed us with right now.

"The first cup of tea moistens my lips and throat;

the second cup breaks my loneliness."

Lu T'ung.

How true that is! True hospitality is reaching out to those around us and extending God's love. It may come in the form of a simple cup of tea, taking a pie across the street, a meal to a new mom or sitting with a friend in the hospital awaiting the report of a surgery. Hospitality doesn't depend on how big our home is or how grand our stuff, but on our obedience to use whatever God has entrusted us with to love and touch others.

"Giving is the secret of a healthy life...

not necessarily money,

but encouragement, sympathy, and understanding."

John D. Rockefeller



Tracy W said...

N ~ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post. The Lord has been impressing upon me greatly in the recent weeks to step up my hospitality and to stretch myself to reach out more with the hands of Jesus. Do you mind if I share this at my next moms' group meeting? And can I just say, you exemplify the hospitable spirit - your warm and gracious home, your approachable and honest heart and your true love for the sphere you are called to influence! Love you and miss you!

Mom In Action said...


Thanks for your comment. You may absolutely share this post. But I have to say that one of the reasons I know a little something about hospitality is because I watched you demonstrate it for many years. Just ask God for opportunities to extend hospitality and I know he'll provide them for you. Give my love to your family.