Friday, March 23, 2007

Five on Friday

I don't think I've done a Five on Friday for a few weeks, but for today's entry I want to introduce you to several more "Moms in Action" who have recently joined the blogosphere.

And before I go any further, I should probably interject here for all of those who don't know that Moms in Action is the name of the mom's group at our church. I am the ministry leader who is slowly but surely corrupting my charges to spend copious amounts of time neglecting their children and homes so they can share their thoughts, big and small, on their own blogs. Hey, I want nothing but the best for my gals.

So here are the newest Moms in Action gals to link up:

1. oH mY woRD: Melissa is crazy. A good kind of crazy. She's crazy about her family, crazy about life and crazy about God. And her crazy is infectious. A good kind of infectious, not infectious like 'oH mY woRD, we need to be quarantined,' but infectious like 'oH mY woRD, I've just got to encourage someone today or I'm going to burst.' Yes, that's Melissa. A party follows wherever she goes. She oozes life and that's probably because she oozes Jesus. Need someone to pray for Melissa. Need someone to bring a healthy snack to a gathering...don't call Melissa (you biggest loser, you). But her life isn't all rosy and she's quick to point out where she's struggling. Honest and that's a winning combination.

2. Random Thoughts: Rachel is a thinker. She has four kids but yet still finds time to read books and watch movies...a lot. And she's not reading and watching the latest pop culture flash in the pan. She's reading the classics and other thought provoking books. You know, books that you need to read with a dictionary at your side. Books that don't rhyme or have pictures. Books that actually make you use your brain.

I've found her writing to be very insightful and she always knows how to send me away with something to chew on for the rest of the day. I've known Rachel for many years, but honestly, until I started reading her blog I realized there was so many things about her that I didn't know. There is a depth and honesty to her writing that is refreshing and is truly what brings me back each day.

3. Classic Mama: Well, I just found this little gem this morning. She started showing up in some site meters and we were all in the hunt to figure out who the mystery woman was. I was thrilled to discover it was Kelli. And I was even more thrilled to discover she has a penchant for old, hence "classic", movies. She has done a magical job of weaving her love for movies with the insights of raising kids. How many bloggers do you know who quote Annette Funicello in their posts? I'm hoping she posts a list of her all-time top 10 movies sometime.

These next two blogs I just stumbled upon. If you are interested in reading about American moms living and raising kids in other foreign cultures, these two blogs are a great place to start.

4. Planet Nomad: I think I highlighted this blog either on this blog or here not too long ago, but it deserves another mention. This is an American family living and working in Mauritania, located where the sands of the Sahara Desert meet the waters of the Atlantic. This mom has three kids and an incredible life that includes sandstorms, creeping eruption and nomads. It is a fascinating read and will make you admire her while appreciating our comfy lives right here in the good old' USA.

5. The Jungle Hut: This is a missionary mom who has lived with Indiana tribes deep in the Amazon Jungle of Venezuela for more than a decade. This post gives a great look into their life in the jungle. About a year ago, Hugo Chavez expelled all missionaries from the jungles, but this family has been allowed to stay in Venezuela where they now work to translate the Old Testament into the Ye’kwana language---the language of the tribe they ministered to for 10 years. Another really great look into another culture and the lives of those on the frontlines of ministry in a hostile country.


Tracy W said...

Thanks for the intro to Classic MaMa! I've been dying to see their baby boy, but visits on the blog satisfy the urge. At least till I make it out to visit. Am thinking of coming in May - what do you all have planned for your "end of year" bash??

On Fire For Him said...

Love the fact that the blogosphere is expanding with people I actually know and recognize!

I too visited Jungle Hut recently. I think I need to read it more often!

Welcome everyone!

CampHillGirl said...

Thanks, momnaction, for the post. A little scary that people I know might read me, but thanks. Love your blog and look forward to reading these other. Yeah for bloggers!

Classic MaMa said...

I agree. Melissa is amazing! (and beautiful, too)

Thank you for the swell stuff you said about me. Golly gee wiz. Not sure if I could ever narrow movies down to only 10 favorites. There are just too many!!Perhaps if I had themes...

Thanks again, MIA.

Melissa said...

Oh my word! You are so kind! I think you're pretty great, too!

Irritable Mother said...

Thanks for sharing these blogs. I visited Melissa and understand why you said she oozes Jesus. Beautiful!

Six in the Mix said...

You really have the Hoosier state on your mind. Check out the first sentence of "Jungle Hut". Ha! Gotta' love that.