Friday, January 19, 2007

Spicing up Lunch

My first grader takes her lunch to school almost every day. However, she is a very picky eater and likes, well, nothing. So for the first semester of the year she pretty much took chicken noodle soup to school EVERY DAY. Surprise, surprise (imagine me saying that with my best Gomer Pyle impersonation) she doesn't want soup anymore.

So I've been searching for some new, somewhat healthy lunch ideas. I say "somewhat healthy" because I'd be happy for her just to eat anything. If I can get her to eat something with actual nutritional value, well that would just be a bonus.

I'm thinking all I need is 5 ideas and then I can just rotate them every week. That would be more variety than she's ever had. I did a little bit of research on google and came up with these new items that I tried out this week:

  1. Pigs in a blanket: She doesn't like hotdogs, so I called them beef franks. She helped me make them the night before and also taste tested them to make sure she would like them. That night she gave Pigs in a Blanket a thumbs up and asked that 4 of them be packed in her lunch for the next day. However, I totally forgot that after getting her expander the next morning that she may not be able to eat them. And I was right. She came home from school with 4 pigs in a blanket still in her lunch box, and then declared that she didn't think she liked them anymore. I haven't given up on them yet. I'm going to send them at least one more time when she is able to eat better.
  2. Quesadillas: These were a hit. Very easy to make. I used just cheese but also plan on adding chicken in the future.
  3. Waffles: We like to eat them with peanut butter slathered on top which makes them easy to send in a lunch. Just make several extra waffles the next time you make them and then just heat them up in the toaster. She ate them so I consider waffles a success even though she wasn't sure she wanted them again. Tough. It's that or chicken noodle soup.

So that's where I'm at right now in my quest to add variety and a little protein to Sparkle's lunches.

Would love to hear any new and exciting ideas you have!!


TCC said...

So, was the soup cold when she ate it? I know JCC isn't able to warm anything up so whatever I send, it has to taste good cold or room temp. His favorite is tunafish, in a bowl. No bread. He also will eat ham or turkey and cheese - but not on bread. I roll them up. The only time he will eat bread is if its PB&J or PB&fluff. He likes grilled cheese too but that is only on the weekends. Don't know if ANY of this helps you. Probably not!

Catherine said...

Here is a great site with a bunch of lunch and snack ideas.