Monday, January 22, 2007

I'm Embracing the Adventure

Okay, my mom is taking umbridge with this post. She says that it is completely absurd to compare my upcoming vacation with the ski vacations we took as kids for the following reason:

On my childhood trips, all of us kids were more than old enough to dress ourselves, eat by ourselves, walk, talk, be left unsupervised on the ski slope,etc. While my upcoming trip with my kids...well, they pretty much still need help in all of those categories.

I will absolutely concede that she is right. I'm not saying that it was an equal comparison.

However, my point is that all trips come with a set of pros and cons. It's what we do with the cons and how we react to them that can make all the difference. Either I dwell on the fact that this looks like a crazy proposition on paper and worry myself sick about everything that could go wrong, or I embrace the adventure and jump in.

So we are choosing to embrace the adventure, prepare as much as possible, and go have fun. And as I've reminded Jim many times, we need to get out of our heads what prior ski trips have looked like. We won't be hitting the slopes all day every day, and that's okay. Instead, we are trying to balance our desire to ski with other activities that the entire family can enjoy.

I think I just gave myself a pep talk! Thanks for listening in.

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