Thursday, January 11, 2007

Don't be Missing in Action Next Tuesday

I'm sorry I've been a little out of touch this week. Life has kicked back in and we're off and running again. This week has been filled with appointments (hair cut, orthodontist), preschool, ballet, meetings (school and church), a football party and the normal laundry, cooking and cleaning.

Somehow I always think January is going to be a slow, relaxing month. The month where I'll reorganize my entire house and get lean and mean for the coming year. Well, it always helps to have a dream!

Moms In Action is going to be great next Tuesday. Julia Morton is coming to speak about home organization. She is a self-professed "organizing junkie" and has tons of great ideas about how to bring order to our homes. You won't want to miss her. AND, Say Anything has a ton to talk about in her schtick. Why don't you call a friend right now and invite them to come with you!

Great food + Great speaker + Great friends = Great fun

Hey, even I can do the math on that one!

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