Monday, January 29, 2007

Does Anyone Have a Svelte Body I Can Borrow?

For the last three weeks, I've been working with a friend who is a personal trainer to get my saggy, baggy, out of shape body ready for a week of strenuous zigging and zagging on the ski slopes. Actually, I just want to be able to carry my skis from the condo to the slopes without needing an hour to recover. So, Anne set me up on a plan of strength training and cardio, alternating between the two each day.

Week 1: I did great with the strength training. Piece of cake. For the cardio, I'm suppose to walk 30 minutes a day. Sounds easy, but I've found it to be almost impossible to find 30 minutes in my day to do it without kids in tow. So in the first week I only got out to walk once maybe twice.

Week 2: I decide that I've got to schedule time for walking. So I start going to the mall to walk in the evenings. I've been there twice. Strength training still going well. Anne comes to check in on my and says she notices my strength improving (yay!!) so she increases my reps and adds in squats (ouch!!).

Week 3: Hmmm...somewhere between last Wednesday and now I fell off the exercise wagon. Haven't done the strength training and haven't walked. Although last night I carried a 25 pound baby up a long, trecherous hill to the parking lot at Ski Roundtop---I think that should count towards both.

I'm suppose to meet with Anne again on Wednesday and I'm going to have to show her my still empty log. Just knowing I was going to have to show her my log motivated me in week 2 to get and keep moving. Week 3? Not so much.

Maybe if I offered her a bowl of ice cream she wouldn't notice.


Anonymous said...

Don't forgot - you are the client! She gets paid no matter what you do, so don't worry about her. Maybe she needs to come up with a better plan that suits your lifestyle better.

Mom In Action said...


If there is one thing Anne understands, it is my lifestyle. She has two kids.

She actually has me jogging in place between my strength sets to get a little cardio and we upped that time to 45 seconds since I was having trouble with the walking.

I'm thinking just stick with the strength exercises and do those on schedule and then just fit in walking when I can...not stressing about it when I can't.

But she has been great and isn't getting bent out of shape about any of it.