Thursday, December 14, 2006

You're the One that I Want

I've been trying to get caught up on all the shows taped on my DVR and have made these observations:

1. I LOVE having a DVR.

2. I don't like it when the favored team wins The Amazing Race. It's much more exciting when the underdog wins. Plus, I can't wait for the all-star version to start in February!!

3. Just when I thought we were in a TV slump, I see a commencial last night for the next great reality show, You're the One that I Want. The premise is that America will choose two people for the lead roles in the broadway show Grease. The contestants go through a series of audtions (a la Idol), complete with a three-panel juding panel that appears to have their own Simon Cowell. By the way, why are all the villian judges on these shows British? I predict it will be the next great hit!

4. ABC's Primetime did a fascinating hour on the theory that we are all just 6 connections away from each other. Apparently, it is true! Now there is a book and study to back it up. Even an online game where you can test your own skills. Primetime also conducted their own experiment. Visit for more information.

5. Also saw a commercial for the next Apprentice. It is set in LA and shows the losers of tasks having to live in tents. I could be wrong, but it looks like a desperate attempt to breathe new life into a fading show. Honestly, the first season was the best. No other season has compared. Never will.

6. I tried getting into Lost this fall. Not bad, but I can see how just trying to get off the island could get old. However, it worked for Gilligan's Island.

7. I've never watched an episode of 24.

8. Only a few more weeks to a new Idol.

9. There are way too many football games on my DVR.

10. Read several posts about why The Sound of Music is always shown at Christmas time even though it is not a Christmas movie. I don't care when they show it, it's still a classic movie.

11. Would you believe there are people out there who have never seen The Sound of Music. Or The Wizard of OZ. Or Little House on the Prairie? Or The Brady Bunch???? It's true. I've met them before.

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Anonymous said...

Those games on your DVR are your DH's prized posessions of OSU football current and recent history. They come in handy for a slow night, I hear.