Friday, October 27, 2006

What Do You Prefer?

77 percent of women prefer a new plasma TV to a diamond solitaire necklace
56 percent would opt for a new plasma TV versus a weekend vacation in Florida
86 percent would prefer a new digital video camera to a pair of designer shoes
Women would chose an iPod over a little black dress (or a romantic dinner, massage, or a girls night out)

What kind of women were they polling?!! Robots?? Who would turn down this stuff for electronics? Am I crazy here women?

From The Daily Nooz via Podcasting News
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Kelly said...

I'm with you!

On Fire For Him said...

Seriously.... a TV over a weekend getaway??? There must be something wrong with me, b/c I would trade a lot to get away with my husband!!

TCC said...

Considering I don't have an iPod or a plasma TV and don't really feel like I am missing out of anything...yes, I am with you. At the same time, I might be dating myself by NOT needing these items. My parents didn't have a microwave or cable until I was out of the maybe we will get these items when the boys are in college?!? However I can assure you I will enjoy a weekend vacation, a massage, dinner, out with the ladies, etc before another 15 years of my life passes by!

jb said...

I am with you on everything except the digital video camera - I would rather have that than a new pair of designer shoes, b/c that is something that we are looking into right now - and it will catch different moments in our families lives. The other electronic things - nope, I am with you!

Anonymous said...

I always wonder who "they" are polling. I know "they" never ask me. I am definitely with you on everything except I don't have any desire to have designer shoes. A weekend away, massage, romantic dinner, girls night out and diamonds I would take over any electronic!


Tracy Whitney said...

I'm with Thrills - nobody asked me! And you all know, I'd have been happy to tell them what I prefer :) There are NO electronics on the face of the earth that I prefer over a weekend away or a girls' night out. Those women must be nuts ;)

Love to all,
Tracy W