Monday, October 30, 2006

Goodbye Mommy Jeans, Hello Low-Rise Jeans


Ever since Oprah's big "What Not to Wear" episode where she convinced me that my mommy jeans were causing my butt to look enormous and my hips wider than the Panama Canel (which they are but I don't want to look like they are), I've been toying with the idea of buying a pair of low-rise, boot cut jeans.

Now, you have to understand...I'm a child of the 80s where tapered legs reigned supreme. So, to put on a pair of what seems like bell bottom jeans that barely cover my underwear is definitely going outside my comfort zone. Literally.

But as I've continued to tweak my baby fat body, my current jeans had become too big for me. The most visible sign was that the crotch hung down at my knees. So, I decided that I was going to do it. I was going to buy a pair of "hip" jeans.

Now, not wanting to spend $60 on a pair of jeans that I may come to loathe, I decided to play it safe and go to Wears Like New (a local consignment shop) and see what I could find.

I longingly looked at the size 6-8 rack, but knew that I probably was never going to shop their again. Me and my Panama Canel hips were now a solid size 10. Ouch! I found three pairs that had 'low rise, boot cut' written on the tag and headed to the dressing room.

The first pair was a size 9. A 9 is close to a 10, but they wouldn't even fit over my thighs. Yes, this was going well. The next pair was a true 10, yet still a little snug. Okay, really snug. Great, I'm going to have to visit the (gulp) 11-12 rack. The third pair seemed to fit really well. They seemed just a little snug in the butt but I attributed that to the vanilla frosty I ate on the way to the store.

After posing some more in the dressing room mirror, I decided that I could really like these GAP jeans. And, for $7.00, what did I have to lose? Except maybe not eating anymore vanilla Frosty's. A small price to pay for looking hip.

So I marched home with my $7.00 jeans and wore them to church that night drawing the approval of a fashion conscious friend who noticed my new jeans before I even said a word. None of the babies we watched in the nursery that night seemed to have an opinion, but my husband was pleasantly surprised to see that my bottom was not indeed flatter than a pancake, as the mommy jeans always suggested.

I highly recommend you check out these tips for buying a flattering pair of jeans. To get a really great pair of jeans, you need to buy according to your body shape and size. For example, petite gals (under 5'4") should not wear boot cut legs and instead opt for something more tapered. And, if your post-baby belly hangs over the waist band on a pair of low-risers, then you'd be better suited for a mid-rise jean that won't make you look like a muffin top.

Update: Say Anything saw my new jeans today and informed me that they are still a little baggy in the bottom. But, she thought I was headed in the right direction. She thinks I need to try a size 8 in the same style. SAY WHAT, Say Anything? If I can fit this three-baby body in a pair of size 8, low-rise, boot cut jeans, I'll...I'll clean your entire my new jeans, of course. I'll keep you all posted!

2nd Update: For advice on what jeans flatter which body types, try this link. It provides a better breakdown of the information.

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jb said...

Thanks for the info - one of these days I will get out to get a new pair of jeans too!

Beth M said...

You are too funny! Thanks for sharing your experience... it gives me courage to get out there and find the right fit or me!

Say Anything said...

My house is ready for your hot jeans and your mop! You look great - you are well on your way!!!

Tracy Whitney said...

Way to Go, Girl! I'm working my way down, still "workin' the program" and have had several bad jeans experiences along the way. But boy do I miss Wears Like New - there's NOTHING out here like that to soften the blow of needing to update. I think you need to post pics with your next update :)