Thursday, October 05, 2006

Free Money from Giant Foods

Giant Food Stores has a program called A+ School Rewards where your school can earn money every time you shop at Giant. Simply register your bonuscard number with the A+ School Rewards program & choose up to two schools you want to receive the money. Then, each time you shop at Giant, 1% of your total purchase goes back to the school.

Log on here and sign up today! And, if you don't have children in school yet or if you homeschool, please let me suggest a school you can designate--Covenant Christian Academy (ID#01344)---where my daughter attends!

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jb said...

Thank you for this reminder! I have been wanting to sign up, but I did not do it last year. I just did it though! The elementary school that my son will eventually attend earned over $17,000!!! So, it really does work! They are going to be purchasing new playground equipment with that money - and none of the money was from our taxes that we paid!